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Impactful internship/traineeship 🧠

RemoteGhent, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium

Job description

Impactful internship/traineeship at Forcit

Are you ready to make a real impact and kickstart your career? At Forcit we are offering exciting opportunities for an impactful internship or traineeship. Join our dynamic team or tribe and gain valuable experience in a fast-paced and innovative environment.

As an intern or trainee at Forcit, you will have the chance to work on meaningful innovation and venturing projects that contribute that are sustainable or social-impact driven. You will be involved in various challenges and collaborate with professionals, and experts in the field, allowing you to further develop your capabilities, expand your knowledge and experience.

During your internship or traineeship with us, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain hands-on experience in your chosen domain(s)
  • Work on innovative projects and make a tangible impact
  • Collaborate with diverse and talented experts
  • Learn from experienced professionals
  • Develop valuable capabilties that kickstart your career

We are looking for a motivated individual who is eager to learn and contribute to our team and tribe of experts. Whether you are a recent graduate or currently pursuing your studies, through this internship/traineeship we will help you grow and excel.

At Forcit, we value creativity, innovation, and impact. We believe in providing a supportive and inclusive work environment where everyone's ideas are heard and valued.

If you are ready to take on new challenges and make a real impact, we want to hear from you and embark on a rewarding journey with Forcit.

Job requirements

Job requirements for impactful internship/traineeship at Forcit

At Forcit we have 2 branches and offer multiple internships/traineeships where you can gain hands-on experience based on your chosen branch and domain(s):
Branch: Forcit cooperative network in the benelux region - learn more

  • Relationship manager (sales development representative, account and relationship management, ...)
  • Product/service designer (prototyping, user experience, user interface, graphic design, motion/video editer ...)
  • Innovation facilitator (strategy, facilitator, co-organizer workshops...)
  • Product developer (prototyping, full-stack, front-end, back-end, devops, ...)
  • Marketeer (strategy, storytelling, campaigns, go-to-market, ...)
  • Project manager (facilitator, project management, ...)
  • HR manager (hiring, organization design, employer branding, ...) 
  • Community manager 
  • Event manager 
  • Copywriter
  • Office assistant & secretary
Branch: Forcit expert management platform globally - learn more
  • Marketeer (strategy, storytelling, campaigns, go-to-market, internationalization, ...)
  • Software engineer (full-stack, front-end, back-end, devops, security, machine learning, data analytics, ...)
  • Designer (user experience, user interface, graphic and motion design, ...)
  • Researcher (data analytics, artificial intelligence, technology, ...) 
  • Business developer (market research, relationship management, business development, ...)
  • Financial analyst (fundraising, financial forecasting, market analysis ...) 
  • Office assistant & secretary

If you possess the skills and experience in any of the above profiles, we encourage you to apply for the internship or traineeship. However, please note that we are not currently accepting applications for other positions not listed above. We appreciate your understanding.

Should you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.